Keep users on your website

Time on page is an important metric for gauging website success. The more time a user spends on your website, the better chance you have of selling him a product, getting an ad click, or an email subscription.

So how do you increase a websites time on page?

A good design is pretty much a must.

Cluttered elements, weird eye sore graphics and colours will all serve to discourage a user from spending time on your website.

In particular, blogs need to have a good design in order to keep users on the article and keep on reading.

This includes everything, from high quality fonts, smart use of white space, colours and pop-up using.

Besides focusing on time on page, you should also try to make users visit MORE pages from you.

Even if they do leave your page, they will at least stay on your site.

To encourage users to visit your site, be sure to use generous interlinking, where you cross reference articles with each other. Besides being good for the user experience, it’s also useful in the eyes of search engines.

Besides interlinking, consider adding widgets and side bars that encourage users to visit other articles you may have written.

More time on page, and more sessions per visitors also mean more money.

If you’re monetizing your website using ads, then you really need to consider generating a “Wikipedia effect”, where users go down a rabbit hole as they explore your site.

That being said, you might use other methods to generate income on your site, such as using your site to generate leads or directing users to an eCommerce page.

If you want to generate leads, then you really need to focus on creating good content that answers people’s questions and keeps them on your website. The topic doesn’t really matter. It can be business, marketing, love and relationships, construction, the principles are always the same: answer their question better than anybody else can.

Good content is persuasive and convincing. It will encourage potential customers to trust you more, and give you their business.

Use videos

A good video that explains stuff is great for keeping users on your page. A huge amount of users are much more comfortable watching something, rather than reading it.

On the flipside, another huge chunk of users is much more comfortable reading something rather than watching a video for it.

So why not mix the two worlds together? By adding a video and a writting an article (usually a transcript), you catch both users and keep them interested in your content. This not only keeps more users engaged, but because they don’t leave your page, you’re sending a positive signal to Google that your content is worth reading, and shoots you up the rankings.

In short, it’s a virtuous cycle where you provide value, and gain value!


Time on page is a fairly under the radar metric, compared to revenue per user, traffic count, pageviews and the like. But while it doesn’t directly provide as much value as the other metrics, its utility comes about indirectly, because it lifts up all other aspects of your website.