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WordPress Theme Builder Features


Build awesome WordPress sites by drag and drop

Working with the WordPress theme builder is easy: just use drag and drop to add your elements, modules or components, style & customize them visually, and you’re good to go

Pixel perfect control using the styling panel

Using  the WordPress theme builder app you can style and tweak any element to pixel perfection

Live preview of every change you make

Each change you make in the WordPress theme builder app instantly previewed  on the canvas so you can work faster

100+ predefined blocks to build your pages in no time

To help you get started in no time, the WordPress theme builder comes with predefined page sections (like header, hero, footer, etc) that you can use to prototype a page super-fast.

50+ elements and
COMPONENTS available

The WordPress theme builder app comes loaded with a broad range of elements and components: from  simple text and images to complex components like slider and photo gallery

Edit text and images
on the fly

Text and images can be edited directly on the canvas of the WordPress theme builder app. Just double click them and edit.

Beautiful typography
with Google fonts

Use any of the 600+ fonts available on Google Fonts. You can preview and select the fonts directly in the WordPress theme builder app

Browser compatible
out of the box

The generated markup and styling will make your project look great on any web browser out there. For legacy browsers, the theme builder includes fallback and graceful degradation solutions


Live preview for 
Desktop, tablet and mobile 

The WordPress theme builder allows you to preview the page for desktop, tablet or mobile directly into the app and make changes for each device to make sure everything looks perfect

Visual customization
for each media query

You can easily customize the breakpoint values for each device, even in the middle of the design process

Layouts based on
a responsive grid

The WordPress theme builder app uses a grid based layout that is responsive out of the box, and easily customizable.

Responsive menu

Both one level menus and the drop down menus are  mobile ready and can be fully customised for each device

responsive slider

Each slider parameter or property can be made specific to certain devices so it can optimally show it’s content regardless of the screen size

responsive carousel

The carousel module can be customised to display a different number of items depending on the size of the display it is shown on.


easily add sections
 and columns to your layout
 by  drag and drop

ThemeBuilder allows you to quickly change or adjust your layout without affecting your already created content

the most widely used layouts are predefined + you can create your own 

Templates like page with left/right sidebar, full width page, boxed page, etc are predefined + you can create new templates with more specific layouts

reuse headers, footers
 and sidebars between

You can reuse footers, sidebars and headers across multiple pages and templates

clean code that
 respects best practices

Clean markup and CSS is generated avoiding browser hacks and redundancies.

create content by dragging elements on the canvas

Adding a new component or element is quickly done by dragging them from the Elements Panel

create as many pages and templates as you like

On your projects, you can have as many templates and pages as you like

WP Integration / Plugins

google maps

Using ThemeBuilde It’s easy to add google maps on your project pages.No coding needed

social widgets

You can easily add any social widget 

contact forms

Theme Builder comes bundled with a ready to use an easy to customize  contact form with email sending capabilities

google analytics
 & seo plugins

ThemeBuilder allow you to quickly integrate tracking / audience measuring solutions such as Google Analytics


add widget areas wherever you like

ThemeBuilder allow you to add any number of widgets area anywhere you want. You can then add any widgets want from wp Admin

customize the design of the WordPress widgets

You can design and customize any WordPress widget with the ThemeBuilder

install any 3rd party plugin that you like

Cloudpress will work out of the box with all most all wordpress plugins out there

add WP data like author information, tags, categories, etc

You can customize the post page, post index, archives, etc with WordPress post data such asa author, tags, categories,etc

cutomize the look and feel of the blog page

You can customize any way you want the post pages and their content

customize the search results page and the 404 page

Extra WordPress pages such search results page or system pages such as 404 page can be customized easily with the ThemeBuilder


horizontal and
 vertical menu bars

Menus can be easily made either vertical or horizontal to best fit your needs and design.

dropdown menu with over 20 predefined designs 

Menu component comes with 5 predefined designs to start from.Start from any design, or make your own custom.

complete control over
 the design of your menu

Your menu can be easily customize in any way you want, on each device breakpoint.

mobile menu working
  out of the box

The menu component bundled within the ThemeBuilder is specially designed to have a mobile version built in & easy to customize.

easily reuse menu
 structure and design

Whenever needed you can reuse both structure and design of your existing menu

sticky menu

In some case, you may need the navigation menu to be always visible, so the ThemeBuilder has an option for that, to easy make a sticky menu

Slider & Galleries

create full width
 or boxed sliders

You can customize the slider to best fit your site, making it either full or fixed width

add any kind of content in your slider

You can add any type of content you want inside the slider, be it images , texts, youtube videos, etc

complete control over the slider design

The Slider and it’s components can be in depth customized in any way you want, on any mobile breakpoint.

create photo galleries with lightbox

The WordPress theme builder includes a gallery component, with an optional lightbox to preview the gallery images

5 beautiful predefined lightbox DESIGNS

To best match your theme, the lightbox component has 5 predefined designs available for you to choose from

create carousels with any type of content

The built-in carousel component works great with any type of content you want, such as images, texts, custom html, etc


show your content with
 beautiful effects

The WordPress theme builder allows you to easily add beautiful effects for any element.

create interactivity
with content rollover effects

Using the content swap component you can create cool hover effects for images or other elements. 

parallax AND VIDEO

Cool new design trends such as parallax and video background can be easily implemented with the WordPress theme builder app.

one-page sites

The WordPress theme builder app makes it easy to design a beautiful one page site in no time, either starting from a theme or from scratch

CSS3 transforms & 

You can easily setup CSS3 transforms and transitions for any element using the WordPress theme builder

box and
text shadows

Easily add box and text shadow with instant preview


customize the look
and feel of the blog pages 

You can also use WordPress theme builder app to visually design your blog pages such as post list, post page, archive page, etc

customize the
comments section

The comments section can be customized to best match your theme

add WP data like author info, tags, categories, etc

The WordPress theme builder app allows you to display and style whatever WP post data you need

configure Facebook
comments for your blog

It’s easy to set up a Facebook Comments section using the built in modules of the WordPress theme builder.